Dobefore handling a firearm, understand its operation.

DoALWAYS handle your firearm as if it were LOADED.

Doplace your finger on the trigger ONLY when you are ready to fire.

DoALWAYS keep fingers away from the muzzle.

DoALWAYS point your firearm in a safe direction.

DoALWAYS be certain that your target and the surrounding area are clear and safe before firing.

DoALWAYS check to make sure the firearm is UNLOADED before passing it to or receiving it from another, and before storing it.

Do discharge firearm only in adequately ventilated areas and wash hands thoroughly after use or exposure. Cleaning, discharging, or handling ammunition in a poorly ventilated environment may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury.

Don’tEVER make any modifications to the firearm.

Don’tEVER disassemble your firearm beyond the procedures outlined in this manual as death or injury can occur if gun is not reassembled correctly.

Don’tEVER use firearms while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Don’tEVER leave a loaded firearm unattended.

DO NOT rely onthesafety to prevent accidental discharge. The safety may not prevent an accidental discharge due to dropping, jarring, or bumping a gun.

Don’tEVER point a firearm at another person or yourself.



DoALWAYS inspect your ammunition.

Do not use any other ammunition than that specified on the barrel of your firearm and only use factory-made ammunition of the proper type and caliber for your gun that are in strict accordance with the specifications of the Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI).

DO NOT use (+P) load in any OLD WEST manufactured Derringer.

Do not alter the barrel or chamber.

Do Not intentionally release the hammer under full tension onto the safety. DRY FIRING ONTO THE SAFETY WILL COMPROMISE THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SAFETY.



DoKEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGERwhile loading the firearm.

Do be sure to always keep your fingers and hands away from the end of the barrel.

Do notEVER carry the firearm cocked and loaded.



DoALWAYS engage the crossbolt safety in the “ON SAFE” position until you are ready to fire.

DoALWAYS wear safety glasses and hearing protection while firing and ensure that others nearby do the same.

DoALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

Do make sure that your firearm is in good working order and that the barrel is clear of dirt and obstructions before firing.

Do immediately after firing remove your finger from the trigger and trigger area to prevent accidental discharges.

Do not put your hand or other body part in front of the barrel or muzzle when loading, unloading, or firing.

Do not place your fingers along the side of the barrel or in front of the barrel when firing.

Don’tEVER cross obstacles such as a fence or stream with a loaded firearm.

Don’tEVER run with a loaded gun.

Don’tEVER shoot at a hard or liquid surface to avoid a ricochet and possible serious personal injury to yourself or a bystander.



Do ALWAYS transport your firearm unloaded.

DoALWAYS carefully unload the gun before entering a motor vehicle or a dwelling.

Doobey all state and federal laws relating to the transportation of firearms.

DoALWAYS store separately your ammunition and unloaded firearms in places not accessible to unauthorized persons.

Don’tEVER load in the house or vehicle.

Do not store your firearm in an air-tight container.



Doobtain an RMA number from customer service, if you do not your gun will be returned to you.

Don’t ever ship a loaded gun or ammunition with your gun when sending in for service.