No, Firearms must be purchased from an FFL (Federal Firearm License) holder in the state that you live in.

Contact Customer Care at 435.228.5560 or parts and accessories COMING SOON on our website!!

Make sure your pistol is POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. If your gun is loaded with live ammunition and the hammer is in full cock but pulling the trigger does not release the hammer, engage the safety to the “ON SAFE” position. Take an 1/8” Allen wrench and remove the barrel from the frame. Once the barrel is removed from the frame, put the safety in the “ON FIRE” position and pull the trigger to release the hammer. Do not attempt to fire the pistol. Contact OLD WEST for trouble shooting advice.

NO.Do not attempt to use .357 Magnum ammunition for a .38 Special.

YES. Contact Customer Care at 435.228.5560 for available barrels.

No, The crossbolt safety should be used as an emergency device to keep the gun from firing unintentionally. It can be harmful to the gun to repeatedly snap the hammer down on the crossbolt safety.

No, This is very unsafe.